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Patio Door Replacement

Patio doors are an excellent way to have a full view of your yard and allow for plenty of natural light to enter your home. Because patio doors slide to open and close, they do not take up any floor space around the door, allowing you to place furniture in close proximity.

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We offer stylish and dependable patio door options that combine the latest technological advances, decorative features, reliable performance, and durability to provide you with years of exceptional patio door performance, with little to no maintenance at all! You also have the option to include decorative grills and additional security features.

Our sliding glass patio doors are fashioned to ensure a smooth operation. They open by sliding along tracks located at the top and bottom frame. They can be designed for either a right-hand or left-hand operation. Unlike hinged doors that open inward or outward, sliding patio doors do not require any room to swing open, making them ideal for rooms with limited floor space or furniture placed nearby.

Patio Door Replacement

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Patio Door Replacement FAQs

How do you clean a sliding patio door?2021-11-19T15:50:46+00:00

There are two main areas you need to pay attention to when cleaning your patio door. First and most obvious is the glass. Notorious for fingerprints and exterior dirt build up, patio doors have large glass panels that can easily be cleaned with any glass cleaner and a clean cloth. The second area to pay attention to is the tracks. Gunk, grime and debris can build up in the tracks and affect the smooth operation of the doors. You can use a vacuum to clear out any larger pieces of debris and a moist cloth to wipe down the tracks periodically. This will ensure the tracks and rollers are not damaged or affected by external factors.

Are sliding patio doors durable?2021-11-19T15:50:03+00:00

Replacement sliding patio doors are not only sturdy and durable, but they are also easy to operate and require little maintenance. To help ensure your patio door reaches its maximum life expectancy, all you need to do is ensure that the tracks are clean and free of debris. Most issues with patio doors involve the tracks or the rollers attached to the doors. If you keep the tracks clear of debris and gunk, you will help prevent many of the main issues that can cause a patio door to not work properly.

Are sliding patio doors energy efficient?2021-11-19T15:49:26+00:00

Just like your windows, replacement patio doors can be made using double or triple pane glass, in addition you can opt into adding a Low-E coating for UV control as well as filling the space between the glass with argon gas. A sliding patio door is considered to be more energy efficient than a swinging door or a French door because it is constructed out of a single piece of glass, which makes it difficult for air to pass through.

What is the difference between sliding patio doors and French doors?2021-11-19T15:49:00+00:00

The main difference between sliding patio doors and French doors is how each door style operates. Patio doors glide left and right along a track to open and close, where French doors are built using two hinged doors that open outward, opposite of each other. Patio doors have a more modern design, offer great views of your yard, allow for plenty of sunlight to enter your home and require no additional room to operate.

What patio door styles are available?2021-11-19T15:48:08+00:00

Our most popular patio door style is the sliding patio door, but we also offer multi-sliding, swinging and folding patio door designs.

How do you know when it is time to replace your patio door?2021-11-19T15:43:00+00:00

You can tell when it is getting to the time when you need to replace your existing patio door when you notice gaps between the two doors or between the doors and the frame. These gaps mean your door has lost its energy efficiency and air can easily pass through your door. If these gaps are large enough, snow and rain may also be able to seep through and cause damage to your walls and flooring.

If your door is difficult to operate is also another sign that you should be looking to replace your patio door. The doors should glide easily across its tracks, if it requires significant force to open or close your door, it means that your tracks are either worn or damaged or that the door rollers are damaged.

CTEWS redid the siding, replaced rotten plywood, rotten decking, all the trim, new windows & painted everything. All for a very fair price! Best of all though, was the service.
Debbie Watson

Great communication and his guys went above and beyond in purchasing new wood trim (which they painted) to frame around the window. They have my appreciation and strong recommendation.

Paul Hickernell

Great overall service and quality windows, highly recommend. This is an owner/operator business, so you’re not dealing with a whole bunch of corporate nonsense.

Chris Miller

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