There are many reasons why single hung windows continue to be as popular today as they were centuries ago. The key benefits of single hung windows include:

1.Cost: Because of their simple design and the need for fewer moving parts, single hung windows cost less to manufacture and install than other window styles, including double hung windows. The overall time required to install a single hung window is less than that needed to install other window types.

2.Durability: Single hung windows are part stationary, meaning there are fewer moving parts that can fail or need to be replaced than other window styles. If something does need to be repaired, it is usually with the lower sash, making it easier to diagnose and repair.

3.Energy Efficient: With fewer moving parts, there is a lower potential for air leaks to occur and the window has a tighter overall seal. Both of these factors reduce the need to rely on your heating or cooling systems to maintain a comfortable home interior.

4.Secure: Not only is the bottom half of the window operable, the sash only tilts one way, making it more difficult for intruders to break in through a single hung window.

5.Low Maintenance: There is little to no annual maintenance required with single hung windows. Cleaning the glass on a regular basis is pretty much all that is needed.