Picture windows are known for offering great, unobstructed views. But, there are more reasons why you may want to choose picture windows for your home.

1.Versatile: Picture windows can be made to fit any window opening, from smaller windows to the extremely large. They can also be combined with operational windows styles to fill larger openings and preserve the view while still allowing for air flow.

2.Natural Light: No matter the size of your picture window, it will provide any room with plenty of natural lighting.

3.Cost: Picture windows have a simple design, and are fairly simple to manufacture and install. This makes them less expensive than other window options.

4.Durable: Because picture windows have no moving parts, there are less issues that can occur. This also reduces the potential of you needing to purchase replacement parts that may occur with operational windows.

5.Safety & Security: The fact that picture windows do not open adds to your home’s safety and security. Because there are no moving parts, it makes them less likely to be broken into. As well the potential of accidents happening are reduced.

6.Low Maintenance: Picture windows only require to be cleaned every now and then. Since they don’t have any moving parts, there is no need for lubricants, repairs or replacing mechanical parts.