When looking at both a bay window and a bow window it is common to think they are the same type of window. After all they both consist of multiple sections and protrude outward from your home providing better views, increasing space and allowing for more light to enter. However, there are several main differences:

  • A bay window consists of 3 window panes, a center, larger picture window and either two fixed or vented windows on either side. A bow window typically has 4 to 5 equal window panes.
  • Bay windows have more angular lines as the 3 window units connect at a 30-degree angle or higher. Bow windows are more rounded, as their window panes connect at a 10-degree angle. 
  • Bay windows protrude further outward than bow windows, adding slightly more interior space.
  • Bow windows allow for more natural light to enter a home as they have more windows and lower angles.
  • Bow windows can fill a wider opening than bay windows as you can add additional window panes.