here are several key benefits associated with installing a bay or bow window in your home.

1.Added Space: Due to the fact that both bay and bow windows protrude outward, they add a small amount of additional space to your home, but they create the feeling or illusion of a much wider open space within your home. Additionally, a seat board can be added to the edge of a bow or bay window increasing your seating capacity and creating a great space for reading a book or just enjoying the views.

2.Additional Natural Light: Both bay and bow windows will allow more natural light to enter your home when compared to a standard flat window, such as a picture window because they bump out from your home and allow light to enter from different angles.

3.Improved Views: The same way that the curved, protruding windows allow for more light to enter your home, they also provide wider views of the outdoors. With either a bay or bow window you will be able to see areas of your yard that would not have been seen through a flat window as you can look through varying angles.

4.Increased Curb Appeal: Both window styles have the ability to change the design and feel of your home. Added character and aesthetic appeal are a positive by-product of installing a bay or bow window.

5.Boosted Home Value: Like most home improvement projects, not only do you benefit from improved aesthetics or convenience, you also get a return on your investment with an increase in your property value. Installing a new bay or bow window will increase your home’s value.