With years of exposure to the elements, your door can begin to show signs of breaking down. While gaskets and weather stripping can be replaced, there are some issues that just can’t be repaired. Here are the key signs that it is time to replace your entry door.

1.Difficulty Opening/Closing: If it is difficult to open or close your door it could be because the door wasn’t installed properly from the start, or more likely because the door has warped or shifted over time. A warped or shifted door will rub against the door frame or even your floor making it difficult to open or close.

2.Excessive Damage: Your doors will always be susceptible to scrapes and dings, but when your door has damage beyond simple superficial damage such as cracks, rust, warping and rot, your door may be compromised and unsafe.

3.Does Not Seal Properly: If you are able to feel a draft or seem light coming in from around your doors, this means that your doors are not sealing properly and are no longer energy efficient. With any size gap around your door, air is able to enter and escape from your home. This means in the summer months, warm air will enter your home and in the winter months, warm air will leave your home. Both cases will result in excessive energy consumption.

4.Outdated Design: If your door does not match the rest of your home’s decor or if the style of your door doesn’t convey the first impressions you want, it is time to replace your door. A new front door can change your home’s ambiance and instantly increase curb appeal. As with most upgrades, replacing your front door will also increase your property’s value.