There are many different replacement door options available for homeowners to purchase, however each door option is not equal. They key factors to consider when buying a door include:

1.Style: Your front entry door should reflect your style and personality, it also has the ability to increase your home’s curb appeal. So, choosing a replacement door that matches your home’s architectural design as well as your personality is important. The easiest way to add character to an entry door is with a pop of color.

2.Material: There are a variety of material options available to choose from when replacing your entry door. Some of the most popular entry door materials include fiberglass, wood and steel. Each material option has its own pros and cons. Our team would be happy to cover these with you during your consultation.

3.Security: A well-built entry door equipped with the proper hardware will help secure your home and provide you with peace of mind. A solid entry door will be more durable than a hollow door, but the biggest security factor is the locking mechanism. A multipoint locking system will provide the best security.

4.Energy Efficiency: A door replacement is a great opportunity to increase your home’s energy efficiency and in turn lower your energy bills. Energy efficiency isn’t something we can see or touch, so you need to rely on ratings such as Energy Star and R-value as well as our team members to help guide you during your purchase decision.